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Project Plan, Titan Apparel(please change this name)
University of Phoenix
Project Planning and Implementation
CMGT 410
January 11, 2005

Background and Statement of Need
The name of this company is Titans Apparel. It is a large clothing manufacturing store with four major branches in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Miami. The amount of the business that they are accumulating is growing fast, and the current network that they use is not enough to keep up with consumer demand. This is costing the company major amounts of money, which, in turn, is making the company slowly fail in its mission. The network is becoming slower due to the demands brought on by the lack of networking update. If this networking update is
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The upgrading of Titan Apparel's network infrastructure requires resources of time, money and personnel. Inclusion of cost and allocation of resources are focused on hereafter, and encapsulated within the Gantt cost chart included at the end of this section of deliverables. Cost allocation for Titan Apparel is divided into subcategories to enable ease of monitoring as well as accountability for responsible categorical project managers. All cost allocation includes a 10% cushion for unrealized cost occurrences.
The first phase of this project is the surveying of the current system, gathering information by interviewing stakeholders and system users. Bobby G. is the responsible manager for this phase and $2851.20 dollars has been allocated to complete all subtasks of this section.
The second phase of this project, pricing new system, deals with the defining of requirements for the business system, exploring solution alternatives, and determining economic and technical feasibility. Ted Y. is the responsible manager for realization of all tasks and subtasks; he has been allocated $6098.40 for completion for this phase of the project development.
The third phase is focused on the pricing and procurement of software for the foreseen upgraded infrastructure,

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