Project Plan For A Fwis Fellowship

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BIOL2201_Funding proposal_U5491701 The Summary statement The award of a FWIS Fellowship will provide the opportunity and resources for me to continue carrying out break-through research on the nature’s CO2-sequestering enzyme, ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco/ RuBP). The project entails the net carbon fixation through RuBP by improving Rubisco performance by nuclear (plastome) transformation, which I devised and have established in my research group. The work has the potential to provide valuable insights into the normal function of Rubisco– information which may contribute to the the development of techniques to improve photosynthetic rates and improve productivity and resources use efficiency in major crops such as rice and wheat. The results will represent a significant discovery in the field of bioengineering and will likely lead to publications in quality journals. Project Outline Today, the world population stands about 7.3 billion (1) and the expected world population by 2050 is about 9.8 Billion (2). According to bureau statistics, the earth produces enough food to feed 6 billion people today (3). In the other hand, 840 million people including 200 children are starving in this moment (3). If the current food production do not get increased, the more number of people are going to suffer from starvation in the future. Increasing the food production is not a very easy task because of the challenges which agriculture faces today. Developed

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