Project Plan For A New Practice Management System

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Introduction In this assignment I am going to outline a project plan in my workplace – Melbourne PC. The assignment will address the objectives and vision of this project, start up activities, stakeholder analysis, monitoring process and financial plan. Strategy vision The project vision is to invest in people, business process improvements, technology infrastructure and new practice management system to provide operational stability and to support growth and relevant operational objectives for next 5 to 7 years. Project Overview We are engaged in a procurement process for a new practice management system (PM system) for our Melbourne PCs and health centers. The new system will replace the current PM system. This system has served…show more content…
To accomplish these goals, the project will require: • Commitment from project stakeholders including organizational management, Melbourne PC management, project team, and technology staff • The availability of resources (including significant staff time) to assure the completion of high quality deliverables by the consultants • A Melbourne PC project leader to handle the day to day communications and logistics • Rapid response and decision-making by stakeholders, executives, managers, and other project participants within their defined scopes of authority The PM system procurement project described in this proposal will include four distinct phases: Project Initiation, RFP Development, System/Vendor Selection, and Vendor Contracting. Goals and Objectives Several high-level goals and objectives have been identified. These can also be considered guiding principles as the team moves though the system selection process. • The PM system must be "user friendly" to facilitate effective training and operations in a fast paced environment. The consultants will help clearly define “user friendly” so this requirement can be included in the RFP and objectively evaluated during the selection process. • The PM system must support the organizational goal of growth, having the capacity to scale up to 20 Melbourne PCs. • The PM system must facilitate better utilization of our current facilities and staff, allowing for as many as 200,000 patient visits a year by 2010. • The
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