Project Plan For A Project Manager

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The managing director of the company asked to plan a project that will assist the relocation of the company. Therefore, as a project manager, I have to prepare an initial report including the list of the projects, timescales when the project should be done, and prepare the budget as well. Firstly, I will make a project proposal and if managing director agrees, I will proceed further. After accepting my proposal I will make a proper project plan with a proper structure, plan schedule of the project, roles and responsibilities of the staff by using PRINCE2 model of project management.
As asked by managing director I have to create a small team from 10 people who are currently working in the company therefore, “no hiring and
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• Improvement in consultants and clients:

To improving the quality of support the office provides to the consultants and clients, another purpose of CEO calls for improving our support and customer satisfaction facilities which means we have 24/7 customer services and therefore, there should be someone who will stay 24/7 to help in solving the queries of customer anytime they have a problem with even though when we are moving our office so that nobody thinks that they were neglected and we did not solve their queries.

• Improving IT system:
Client relationship administration and deals energy computerization devices, as well as message, texting, and different devices could be done by an Internet Protocol (IP) system which interfaces remote and versatile labourers to a SMBS discriminating requisitions
• Human resource costs:
To minimise the human resource costs there should be one person who will handle all HR documents for every employee including payroll, holiday requests, sickness form. however, during recruitment process, all applications can be handle by one person and after decision a standard letter could be send to all mail about rejection or acception. (Documentation , 2012)
Human resource can also be reduced by reduce number of working hours, encourage employees vacations during slow speed, Re-evaluate Group Health Insurance, Overtime to be eliminated, Offer Voluntary Unpaid Time-Off.
Timescales and budgets:

If we assume we
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