Project Plan For Project Management Project

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Initiation At the beginning of Project Initiation, a Project Manager is assigned, if not already present. The Project Manager works with the Project Sponsor to identify the necessary resources and team members needed to further develop the key project parameters – Cost, Scope, Schedule, and Quality (CSSQ). The Project Team documents its charge in the form of a Project Charter, which is based on the Project Proposal, which includes the initial Business Case. Approval of the Project Charter by the Project Sponsor authorizes the designated team to begin the initial planning effort. Developing the Project Charter is primarily concerned with documenting the business needs, project justification, current understanding of the requirements, and the new product, service, or result that is intended to satisfy those requirements. The Project Charter, either directly, or by reference to other documents, should address the following information: • Requirements that satisfy stakeholders’ needs, wants, and expectations. • Business needs, high level project description, or product requirements that the project is undertaken to address. • Project purpose or justification. • Assigned Project Manager and authority level. • Summary milestone schedule. • Stakeholder influences. • Functional organisations and their participation. • Organisational, environmental and external assumptions. • Organisational, environmental and external constraints. • Business case justifying the project,
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