Project Plan For Research Within Tourism And Hospitality

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1.1 Explain the process and importance of establishing a relevant and specific project plan for research within tourism and hospitality A project planning is all about defining, initiating, performing or executing and delivering the projects to its desired customers. A project quality completely depends on the balance between time, quality and scope of the projects within tourism and hospitality management. Work breakdown structure (WBS) or risk breakdown structure (RBS) is also a critical determinant to the success of a project planning (prioritymanagement 2015). Larson (2012) suggests that a tourism and hospitality firm should adopt the following process for establishing a relevant project plan:  Firms should explain the project plan to its beneficiaries and discuss key components to be implemented form tourism and hospitality context.  To find out and assign various roles and responsibilities to qualified parties (project sponsor, manager or team) for producing and delivering unique services to customers  To develop a scope statement about who is responsible for what activities to maximize goals form expected customer satisfaction  To establish and train qualified staffing system who are main drivers for improving tourism and hospitality services  Tour operators should identify related risks to project planning for customer services and communicate service quality, requirements, uniqueness, safety and security in services with targeted customers by using advanced

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