Project Plan For The Pilot Project

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In this level, all the information that is needed for the Pilot project to be designed will be collected from the Narayana Health. All the Collected information will be documented as SRS Document. Time duration: 10 days Resources: Business Analyst & Technical Team Task 2 – Design Phase Based on the SRS document, Design will be planned and developed by the development team. Time duration: 5 days Resources: Software Developers, Network Administrators, Server administrator and the Database administrators. Task 3 – Development Phase This phase is also called as Coding Phase. In this Phase, as per the design documentation, coding are coded from the scratch. Time duration: 10 days Resources: Developers who has designed the Design Document…show more content…
People - The first stage of implementing the plan is to make sure to we have the right people on board. The right people with required competencies and skills that are needed to support the plan. Resources – We should have sufficient funds and enough time to support implementation. Additionally, employees must have enough time to implement what may be additional activities that they aren’t currently performing. Structure – Setting the structure of management and appropriate lines of authority and having a clear lines of communication with your employees. Systems - Both management and technology systems should help track the progress of the plan and make it faster to adapt to changes. Culture - Creating an environment that connects employees to the organization’s mission and that makes them feel comfortable. • Conducting a review of current hospital specific systems where there are issues around data capture and propose workable solutions. • An Accountability Framework – Vision & Principles and agreement on roles and responsibilities for the parties that will participate in the implementation of the Pilot project. • A Communication Plan - To whom and how we are going to communicate about the implementation, deployment plans, etc. • A Work Plan -An overview of tasks and timelines required to ensure all the supporting processes and infrastructure are put in place. • Deviations from the targets will be addressed immediately through a clearly
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