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Introduction Writing the project plan provides a structured framework for thinking about how the project will be conducted. A significant value of writing a project plan is the process rather than the outcome. It forces the players to think through their approach and make decisions about how to proceed. A project plan can be formal, as stakeholders and supporters approve documents and procedures used to guide both project execution and project control. Overall, project plans create a system of document forecast assumptions and decisions, push communication amongst stakeholders, substantiate approved scope, cost and schedule baselines. In this paper, we will observe a project plan in its entirety. Of how each structure is dependent on…show more content…
By delivering high quality, more efficient and lower cost solutions. CVO Intranet Scope / Project Plan Overview Objective At the CVO division of ACS, the goal of the CVO intranet is to enable better communication with its employees. Provide application systems and services that employees need to perform their jobs. Promote collaboration across departments and different locations (Wagner, 2000). In all, focal points for a proactive communications strategy to help CVO employees understand the business and strengthen employee productivity. The CVO Intranet Project will be headed by the Marketing department and reviewed by leadership (e.g., directors, vice-president of operations). In charge of project layout, strategy and assignments will be the marketing project manager, with assistance in development and design by the marketing graphic designer and web master. Responsible of server hosting, testing and meeting IT requirements will be the marketing IT analyst. The CVO Intranet Project will work with internal departments and managers to meet site and operations necessities. As this project is built and maintained in house, funding will be accessed from the web budget. The CVO

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