Project Plan for Whitbread Sailboat Race Essay

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Running head: PROJECT PLAN FOR WHITBREAD WORLD SAILBOAT RACE Project Plan for Whitbread World Sailboat Race Joel Johnson University of Phoenix Project Plan for Whitbread World Sailboat Race The Whitbread World Sailboat Race, now called the Volvo Ocean Race requires teams to work together to sail around the world taking on many known and unknown challenges. The race itself is only one part of the challenge. The ability for the race team leaders to deliver a professionally designed boat and well trained crew on time and on budget is the first project that needs successful completion. Bjorn Ericksen has been selected to manage the boat design and crew training process for the company sponsor. He has a hard deadline to deliver the…show more content…
This project is sensitive in that it has a critical path that needs to be held to in order for sequential events to happen in the appropriate time frame. Any delays will ripple throughout the project manifesting in a rush at the finish of the project to train a team of sailors on a brand new vessel. This situation must be avoided at all costs, while staying within the budget. Bjorn Ericksen has come up with the appropriate project plan to reduce the timeframe and have a well train team of sailors ready to compete on a finely tuned sailing vessel. Plan to Reduce Project Duration The project has two parallel paths that will cross at a critical future point. Portions of each path have the ability to be compressed, each having an associated cost increase and risk factor. Bjorn decided the best plan has the boat construction accelerated while the crew selection and training can proceed according to planned time and cost estimates. The plan has the boat and crew ready for transport in 41 weeks at a cost of $3.17M. This timeline gives minimal protection against cost overruns and any minor time delays, however, some free slack is available to the team. Karin Knutsen will be heading up the boat design and construction portion of the project and as such is responsible for getting the best designed and built boat to the sailors in 28 weeks.
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