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Project Description This project involves the remodeling of the master bathroom by replacing the fixtures, the appliances and the tiles to emanate a sense of peace and tranquility. Our objective is to create a whole new environment. One that is pleasing to eye as well as one that offers a feeling of comfort on a daily bases. Problem/ Result Statement The bathroom appliances, fixtures and tiles are in dire need of renovation. The appliances are corroded, the fixtures are broken and or cracked and the tiles are falling apart. Replacing all appliances, fixtures and tiles will enable the master bathroom to have a state of the art look that would update the feel of the room as well as represents an improvement in attractiveness.…show more content…
Staying on budget is one of the key factors that will play a significant role in ensuring the success and the completion of the project in a timely manner. In addition, budgeting will allow this project to develop a spending plan which will ensure that we do not exceed the $3,000 dollars allotted for the project. Furthermore, by having a budget plan in place, we are on the path to setting and meeting our financial goals. Three Key Learning Points from Week One Simulation Three key learning points from week one simulation that will be applied to the project plan are communication among team members, teamwork and research of project cost. Communication is vital to the success of this project because all participants need to understand the role they play as well as the impact each will have on the outcome of the project. Teamwork is another integral factor because everyone needs to be able to work cohesively and should someone fall short on their job, the other team members must feel confident enough to come to the rescue and step up to the plate. Furthermore, researching of the cost of all deliverables is equally important because knowing what the cost is will help in making decision as to how elaborate the project can be. Task and Milestones The specific milestones associated with the bathroom remolding project include: securing of funds, securing of personnel, ensures deliverables are in stock, and the completion of

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