Project Planning And Control Relationship

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Introduction Some lessons are learned from trial and error, some are learned through observations, and some from reflection. Reflection allows someone to look back on how things transpired and what could have been done better despite a negative or positive outcome. A discussion on project relationships, planning, control, and reporting was addressed during this course. This assignment reflects back on the lessons learned during this course and how they may be applied in the work place.
Project Planning and Control Relationship
According to Dwight D Eisenhower (as cited in Peter and Woolley, 1957) planning is everything, but plans are essentially worthless (Peter et al., 1957). Eisenhower made that statement because the truth about planning is the fact that plans change as soon as they are completed. Projects typically never unfold exactly the way they were intended. Through the mere act of planning however; project managers can discover a lot of valuable information. Changes made to plans indicate that the plans are actually being used. Project planning and project control are not exclusive. According to Hilton et al.,( 2014) “The process of management involves formulating strategy, planning, control, decision making, and directing operational activities. (Hilton et al., 2014). The relationship between good project planning and effective project control stems from understanding the dynamics that relates to each, which collectively complements each other. During
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