Project Planning And Time Management

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Project Plan

1. Introduction

Among the major factors involved in the successful completion of a PhD programme are project planning and time management. Therefore, defining and clarifying the scope and objectives of a project and breaking down the work into tasks and subtasks are crucial in order to achieve the set objectives, assess the projected timing and duration and prioritise key tasks with regard to importance and urgency. Frequent monitoring of progress against the plan constitute an essential part of the project review (assessment) process and are essential in order to ensure that the project is progressing successfully [1].

The attached Excel Gantt chart spreadsheet (the template sourced from [2]) represents the project plan for the first year of my PhD programme in the Computer Science department at Aston University, which began in May 2014. The plan was constructed based on the principles of project management (planning, performing of tasks, monitoring, and completion). The following sections present a synopsis of the research project and a discussion of how the specified tasks and subtasks can be achieved.

2. Synopsis of Research Project and Overall Aims

The research project aims to produce a Decision Support System (DSS) for predicting potential outcomes using fuzzy methods. The system will be tested on the domain of predicting water pipe condition, which uses input data that comes mostly from measurements. The overall goal is to explore how different
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