Project Planning, Execution, and Closure

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Colorado Technical University Project Planning, Execution, and Closure PM610-1303B-02- Phase 2 Individual Project George Sheehan Paternique Abraham Sept 02, 2013 Premise As the project manager in charge of IRTC’s new endeavor of upgrading their legacy billing system one of the most crucial tasks in which I have to accomplish in this function is to build a team of worthy professionals. As we know the people we work with can either be a value to a program or at time a detriment; therefore as a project manager, it is extremely important to hire the right talent at the right price. We have to keep in mind while talent is important, it’s even more important to hire personnel that will coalesce effectively in all manners pertaining to…show more content…
Terry has business analyst experience already and Terry attitude toward the work is positive. What does a team leader do? The team leader’s role and functions are directly related to the team members; hence various employees are hired by the project manager because of their knowledge and expertise. The team leader 's is hired to effectively coordinate those team mates. Nonetheless, the team leader should be familiar with organization processes and have a good report with various stakeholders. The team leader should be the liaison between the team and act as a moderator between the individual team members and the project manager. He or she should have constant interaction with the team as to gather pertinent information so as to improve processes. The team leader is usually in charge or may act as the schedule keeper and record keeper during the various stages development. The team leader must build and maintain a good relationship with the sponsor, as he or she will have constant interaction the both the sponsor and stakeholders. Lastly, the team leader may play a part in the selection of new team members. The team leader is a role for a project, the person in that role may have other functions within the organization, and therefore that person must learn to manage his various roles accordingly to be effective. states that part of the role the team leader is to develop strategy,
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