Essay about Project Planning and Control Methods

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Project Planning and Control Methods Project planning and control methods came to be in the 1980s with the introduction of microcomputer software. In the 1990s project management was accepted into the mainstream business as a means for developing new products and services. In the 20th century project management appears to be the solution to many of the challenges confronting global business enterprises (Gray, C. & Larson, E., 2003). Trends such as the globalization of business operations increase in mega mergers and acquisitions, increased focus on results, need for speed in delivery, and pressure for accountability have fueled a growth in project management activities across the organization. Traditional organizations are…show more content…
& Larson, E., 2003). Projects are not stream-lined to just one group. Cross-border, cross cultural projects will multiply with the increase of large mergers and acquisitions and will force project managers to develop global perspective. Managing global teams working together on one project from several distant sites will require the project manager to change management style to accommodate this unique project environment (Gray, C. & Larson, E., 2003). Project management in any situation can be challenging. On a global scale, it can truly be overwhelming. Team members and people in the organization come from different nation-state cultures. Global project managers whether or not operating in only one or multiple foreign nations, must think globally. The international project manager needs the benefits of shorter decision-making paths in foreign project-related problems. Globalization is a large part of this new age, not only in terms of projects but also in range of decisions that managers have to make. Global project managers must possess unique project management skills when successfully operating with other nations. When engaging in potential alliances between competing organizations, design, implementation, and management styles are key factors that ultimately decide which strategic alliance will be most beneficial to both companies. A
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