Project Prevention : A Non Profit Organization

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Project Prevention formally known as C.R.A.C.K, is a non-profit organization that offers current and former drug addicted men and women an incentive of $300 to commit to use a form of birth control, options include an IUD, oral contraceptives, Depo-Provera or agree to sterilization. Barbara Harris, which is the founder of Project Prevention, adopted four children from the same drug addicted women who could not take care of her children. Barbara Harris came up with the idea of the organization when she could not get legislation passes that would have mothers of drug addicted babies be forced to commit to long tern birth control. According to the Project Prevention website, the organization strives to reduce the social burden of these …show more content…

Drug-addicted women are the stakeholders in this dilemma. Drug-addicted or former drug-addicted women are being pressured into thinking that controlling their fertility is the only way in which to not be considered a horrible person or bad mothers. No one should be allowed to try to persuade women to give up their reproductive rights. Just because some women choose to use drugs or alcohol does not mean that they are not responsible enough to make proper health or parenting decisions on their own, they especially do not need monetary incentives to make sound decisions. “Evidence suggests that women who use drugs do not need to be paid to limit or end their fertility” (Olsen, 2014). Preferably, programs should try to minimize the barriers that these women have to face in order to obtain information. Organizations should be non-discriminating and non judgmental towards women’s reproductive health.
When we are presented with a situation and we want to decide whether an act we are about to perform is right or wrong Kant would suggest to look at the maxims of the act itself and not just the amount of misery or happiness the act is most likely to produce. “We just have to check that the act we have in mind will not use anyone as mere means, and, if possible that it will treat other persons as ends in themselves” (O’Neil, 1985). Kant would want to help these men and women seek help for their drug addiction. Kant would treat

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