Project : Project Management Life Cycle

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Project Life Cycle Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution and Project Termination are the four general areas of the project management life cycle. Before defining the project management life cycle one must first understand what a project is. “A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.” (PMI 2013, p. 3). There are companies and organizations that break down all undertakings to projects; however, it must be identified that although management of any set of tasks is required routine tasks that happen continually are processes not projects. Additionally it must be realized that projects have a clear start and end stage, whereas a process will continue beyond the project end into the product life cycle phase. It is also important to note although a project itself will begin and take form during the first project initiation stage that the initial project incubation and feasibility is the predecessor to the life cycle of the project. (Archibald, Filippo, & Filippo 2013). Though simple project will have a single phase project life cycle such as shown in figure 1, more complex projects will have multiple phase project life cycles as shown in figure 2. Figure 1. The Project Life Cycle was adapted from The project management life cycle by J. Westland, 2006, London, U.K.: Kogan Page. Figure 2. Multiple phase project life cycles was adapted from PMBOK Guide (5th ed.) by Project Management Institute, 2013,
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