Project Proposal For Lotus Supermarket Essay

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This project proposal is to help Lotus Supermarket to identify what consumers satisfaction and their needs when going to their business site.
Lotus Supermarket is Mt Roskill’s huge registered Supermarket. It was established on 18 September 2011 by the owner, Director is Gurmeet Kaur. There are so many categories of their products ranges from everyday need of consumers as number one commodities. Lotus Supermarket is also producer and supplier of different kinds of food from, meat, eggs, cheese, beverages all that everyone needs in their daily lives.
The main clients of this supermarket are Indians and my main position is to keep the records of the clients who come to buy things; Checkout operators take the survey of the clients and I put all the data on computer. Though Kiwis also do their groceries in this store, especially those nearby in this area.
I believe that the research that I will be doing is relevant because it can help the store owner, and the employees as well in identifying the needs of their consumers. Although as I can see it, this business is already establish yet, it needs improvement of some of their aspects in the business.
The requirements used for the presentation of this study will be indicated through research imposed by our school, the methodology of NZIE for students of Level 7 in International Marketing.
The survey sample will be mentioned during the work as well as references and results.

The administrations of the association are such

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