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Research Title

An exploratory study on the prevalent attrition rate in the Indian IT industry and its escalating issues.

Research Question

Can the existing rate of attrition shape up to be a cause of concern for the growth of Indian IT industry?

Research Aim

To analyse and explain the issues that are underlying factors for the existing attrition rate and what impact it can have on the industry in the near future.

Research Objectives
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Higher retrenchment has been one of the effects of the global phenomenon. (Business week, 2008) In such times HR Strategies need to be more focused on retaining employees and reducing costs of employee turnovers.

Literature Review

The IT sector of Indian economy is one of the fastest growing sectors. It accounts for almost 34% of the total domestic revenue generated. In India, it is broadly divided into four major segments, namely i) IT Services, ii) software products, engineering and R&D services, iii) ITes and BPO and iv) hardware.

India’s service exports have also grown with leaps and bounds since the turn of the millennium and this growth has been propelled by the increasing demand of IT services from India.

“Talent is a critical driver of corporate performance… a company’s ability to attract, develop and retain talent will be a major competitive advantage far into the future,” (Cooper at el, 2003).
Considering this, organizations need to address issues that are responsible for employees leaving the organization for better opportunities. Such issues can be ‘not in sync with job expectations’, ‘job mismatch with person’, ‘growth barriers’, ‘lack of appreciation’, ‘stress’, ‘improper compensation’ and sometimes ‘better job offer’. Most of the above issues can be handled by the organization. Sometimes though, there are situations where holding back an employee can be very
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