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Ecommerce provides customers with the convenience to buy the products they need instantly from the convenience of their offices, homes and anywhere provided they can access a computer connected to the internet. Business competitive edge improves because they can trade on the global market place. It also gives businesses recurring revenues based on recommending products to customers, through goods previously brought by customers. This is what is called up selling and cross selling. However not all ecommerce solutions improve the experience customers wish to have while shopping online.
Research shows that nearly 47% drop out when they get to the checkout due to various reasons as will be highlighted later on. The main aim of this
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In 1994 there were several advancements that took place such as online banking offered by Stanford Federal Credit Union to all its members and the online Pizza Shop by Pizza Hut. In the same year, Netscape introduced SSL encryption of data transmitted online, which has become essential for secure online shopping. This was the renaissance of new ways of doing business as a result developments in computing and information sharing through the World Wide Web.
Some of the new ways of doing business that emerged were E-banking, E-commerce E-marketing among many others. The kind of information a site uses to do its core business operations depends critically on what the site does e.g. a site that does promotions and advertising do not require robust security features as an online banking system that has to be secure from the users browser to the network and lastly the server. Suffice to say this security mechanisms need to be implemented both physically and logically.
On the other hand an Ecommerce site requires medium security that is much stronger than that for advertising but less strong compared to E-banking. I must over emphasize security because it is enhances client trust which is one of the fundamental ways of improving the online shopping experience.
According to Wikipedia online shopping online shopping is a form of electronic commerce whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a
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