Project Proposal for Hotel Reservation System

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Hotel Reservation System

CLIENT Receipt Inquiries

Receptionist Accepting Inquiries Confirmed Inquiries

Level 0
Data Flow Diagram
Verifying Inquiries P1

Reservation P2

Information Verified Inquiries

Leaving of Client
Verified Inquiries Reserved

Paying Bills P4

Receipt Vacant Room

Level 1
Data Flow Diagram

Inquiring P1.1

Questions Questions

Starting the Answers P1.2

Answer Given Information Answer

Filling up Information P1.4
Submitting Information P1.5

Raw Information Information

Saving Info P1.7
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Then there is Sonya herself with her memories of growing up in her grandmother’s country garden in the Philippines, her life as an expat in Europe and the US, and her dreams of carving out a place in the country where she can live her philosophy on “the art of doing nothing”.

This was supposed to be Sonya’s private paradise, open only to family and friends and eventually, friends of friends. But after much prodding from all those who have enjoyed the country living experience to share with more people what would otherwise have been her retirement lifestyle, she reluctantly relented. In February of 1998, she opened the doors of her secret garden to the public in time for Valentine’s Day. From then on Sonya’s has been host to a bevy of visitors; the tourist from a far off land who looks beyond the beaten path; the balikbayan looking for a familiar sketch of a memory of home; burned-out city-dwellers seeking respite from the din of the city; and practically anybody who is looking for something different yet strangely familiar. Of course, as a wonderful haven of romance, love blooms in Sonya’s garden like flowers of an eternal spring. Many romantics have found it to be a popular spot to disarm, to court and to propose. Some have even returned to say, “I do.” And with that, Sonya’s Secret Garden earned the reputation of being
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