Project Proposal for Online Shopping System

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Programme: BSc(Hons) Computing
Module: Academic Research and Development
Semester: 5

Lecturer: Nigel Kermode

Topic: Development Project Proposal

University: Cardiff Metropolitan University

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 1.1 Back Ground 3 1.2 Objective: 3 2. Feasibility 3 2.1 Schedule feasibility: 4 2.2 Financial Feasibility: 4 2.3 Market feasibility: 4 2.4 Technology and system feasibility: 4 2.5 Risk features: 5 3. Resource 5 3.1 Technology: 5 3.2 Tools: 5 3.3 Payment Getaway: 6 2.3 Design deign: 6 2.4 Data 7 2.5 Dynamic Pages 8 2.6 Back-End 8 4.Process Model 9 Interactive: 9 5.Prototype: 10 6. Implementation 30 6.1 Research and Strategy. 30 6.2 Plan 30 6.3 Analysis 31 6.4 Design 31 6.5 Development
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PHP is known as a server side language. On the computer you request the page from but PHP does not executed on the computer.

* MY SQL: MySQL is a relational database management system. MySQL database management system used on the web, Essentially, MySQL database allows to create a relational database in order to store data. MySQL hold all of the table, PHP acts acts table enquiry and form are essentially web page with fields with them. With PHP and MySQL I am able to create truly impressive project on the web.

* Photoshop: Photoshop is an application for manipulating image, shape, vector, effects and shape. Not many days age they used bitmap images. As I developing c-commerce selling website I have used many photos and graphics. So that almost every page I have used photos shop. Photoshop is very useable toots in order make my toots. In this site I am going to use Photoshop CS3 for Making HD photos, design etc.

* Dreamweaver: Dreamweaver is a build and development web site which is most popular application web development since 1988. Dreamweaver is easier to use.

* Open Cart: Open will using my website in order buy more products in one shopping. Customer will choose items select to buy and item will add to the basket and customer will make payment in total.

* CSS3: CSS using this website in order to layout the document and background images, margin, line advanced positions,
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