Project Quality And Quality Management Project

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Quality is the amount to which a project satisfies the requirements. Project Quality is a set of different criteria and objectives that are inserted into success criteria used by project customers to accept the project results. Project Quality is an explanation of requirements desired by the project clients, and they refer to explanation of: • Relative value of the project results which the customers expect to obtain at certain costs; • Effectiveness of project results gaged by detailed requirements and vision of the project customer; • Excellence of presentation in terms of skill, persistence and other working attitudes; The Project Quality Plan controls the project quality. There are different procedures to guarantee an appropriate level of quality throughout the whole project lifecycle. Quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement are the four main processes that are continuously maintained during the project development. There are five phases of quality in a business context: 1. Producing –delivering something. 2. Checking – authorizing that something has been done properly. 3. Quality Control – monitoring a process to confirm that the outcomes are predictable. 4. Quality Management – guiding an organization so that it enhances its performance through examination and development. 5. Quality Assurance – gaining assurance that a product or service will be satisfactory Quality management is the method of monitoring, guaranteeing, and
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