Project Quality, Budgets, And Schedules At Kistler & Knapp Builders

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1. Problem Statement: Project quality, budgets, and schedules at Kistler & Knapp Builders are the main interest for the “Project Evaluation & Monitoring Plan”. We want to determine a project’s effectiveness and efficiency through the use of “Earned Value Management”. Also we will measure a project’s outcome to determine if we are meeting the business goals and objectives. Understanding how these qualitative and quantitative methods are performing will help improve future projects and increase customer satisfaction. 2. Thesis Statement: With all of the many moving parts in a project, what processes will help us understand how the estimated schedule and the estimated budget are progressing? Will we, finish to our estimated schedule early,…show more content…
The overall budget for the scope of work stated above is $159,955.29. This is contracted on a cost-plus-fee contract. Component evaluation will be used to monitor and evaluate this project throughout the project’s life cycle. An outcome evaluation will be done after the project’s closing cycle. The monitoring and evaluating plan shall consist of, but not limited to: • Monitoring plan spread sheet, • Evaluation plan spread sheet, • Work breakdown structure (WBS), • Analyzing the projects budget and schedule, • Performance reports The project’s scope (baseline) and the evaluation audience need to be determined. Who are the stakeholders and what are their individual “Strong Traits You Likely Exhibit” (S.T.Y.L.E). To understand the results and accomplishment from previous projects the project manager will hold a “Lessons Learned” meeting with our internal stakeholders. Each team member will have an opportunity to discuss lessons learned off of past projects. Whether or not the team members had worked together on past projects or individually, this is the best opportunity to hear everyone’s inputs. When discussing lessons learned team members will discuss “what went right and what went wrong” on these past projects. In conclusion to this meeting, the team will brainstorm and discuss lessons learned and compare it to the current project’s scope. The concept of this meeting is to determine the Merit (quality),Worth (value), or Significance
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