Project Quality Management By Separating Its Primary Components

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1. Explain project quality management by separating its primary components. There are three different components of project quality management which are planning quality, performing quality assurance and performing quality control. • Planning Quality - This is when you know which standards are crucial to complete the project while maintaining a quality end result. The output of this process includes quality plans, checklists and updates to the project documents. • Performing Quality Assurance This is basically a periodical evaluation of the overall projects performance to ensure that the quality of the project meets the standards set in place. Rather than wait until the end and hope you have a quality product, monitoring it through…show more content…
(Schwalbe, 2011). 2. Illustrate the three main outcomes of quality control using examples from real or fictionally projects that follow a software development lifecycle. Guy 's speaker shack develops high end custom speakers for their clients and are currently working on an order for a local movie theater that needs thirty identical speakers that can produce all possible audible frequencies for all ten theater room. With such a large order the customer wants to have the speakers installed in the first theater room before moving on the develop the remaining speakers. After the speakers are installed in the first room we are at the acceptance decision outcome of quality control. Here if the product performs to the desired specifications it will be a confirmed deliverable. During the testing the customer notices that the necessary mid range frequency are missing and decide to reject them which now sends them to the rework outcome of quality control. In the rework outcome the defect in the speakers need to be determined and repaired. This will be a costly issue as we need to determine the issue and when the issue is identified repair it. When determining the cause of the defect it is determined that the mid range speaker drivers used were defective from the manufacture. after replacing them the problem is resolved. For the remainder of the project we should ensure we are using the process adjustment that uses the quality control measurements to ensure that the
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