Project Quality Management For Business Organizations Across The Globe

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Introduction Project Quality management plays an inevitable role in business organizations across the globe. It is very important for the project managers to use practical skills along with technical skills to implement the projects immaculately, proficiently and efficiently. Will be gathering information from project practitioners in the industry, who have got great experience in managing complex projects. The main aim of this project is to interview a project practitioner in two ways: face to face and via email. The main area of concern in this report is to understand the basics of project quality management. Then after particularize the techniques used in companies and industries to accomplish project quality goals. Moreover report also includes to overcome the limitations and to manage the areas that need improvement so as to diminish the breaks and lead to more efficient and effective project quality management. For this assignment, groups were formed to share views and to understand project quality management in more depth. We categorized the assignment into different stages. The interview questions were discussed in the first stage and we also discussed about the basic reason and criteria for the particular assignment. We all agreed to the fact that all those questions should be included that would help us in understanding the basics of project quality management. We decided the questions that were to be asked and we also tried adding some extra questions. The main

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