Project Reflection : Tower Project

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Tower Project Reflection
My team and I were assigned to build a three feet tall tower for the City of Amber. We are able to do build a tower by getting a loan from Joyce Inc. and using that to buy resources. We are buying tiles to build a great tower for Ambler so that we may make a profit and name for our company. Our factors of production during the course of this project were: index cards and tape made up land resources. The workers made up the labor resources. Our capital, assets, was our loan, tape, cards, workers and decorations. Our entrepreneurship was whether we would take the risk of destroying our tower with the big apple and no insurance. These were my group’s factors of production during the project. The producers in the project were the businesses of Joyce’s Supplies Union. The consumers were all of the teams in all of the classes. I know all of the classes were involved, due to the fact I tried haggling for a lower price on the Beverly Hills cards, yet Manager Joyce claimed that teams in other classes brought a lot of them.
Throughout the course of this project, I was the team’s accountant, I was the most directly involved with deciding the economics and budget of the groups. Balancing the needs and wants of the group as well as the finances was a huge challenge. For example, I wanted to buy the Beverly Hills six hundred dollar tiles, sadly due to my limited resources I had to stick with four one hundred dollar purple Auntie Ems tiles. My opportunity cost,
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