Project Report : 1.smallco Investment Fund

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1.Smallco Investment Fund (ASC0001AU) Name: In terms of the fund name, Smallco Investment Fund, the word of “smallco” implies that the fund concentrates on small Australian Securities Exchange listed companies which are outside of top 100 companies according to market capitalization for the initial investment (Smallco Investment Fund PDS 2014). Style: This fund is under small to medium capitalization value category (Morningstar2014).And it is expected that the fund benefits investors mainly by its capital appreciation and certain income will also be generated (Smallco Investment Fund PDS 2014). Objectives: This fund aims at investing in high quality smaller capitalization companies whose share price is significantly below what considered be the true value of the assets(Smallco Investment Fund PDS 2014).As Smallco believed that higher return will be generated by adopting “benchmark unaware” approach, there is no benchmark to evaluate the objective (Fund review, Smallco Investment Fund 2014). Target market: It is long-term investment security. Investors who have minimum 3-year investment horizon and capital appreciation expectation will benefit from investing it (Smallco Investment Fund PDS 2014). Asset allocation: Smallco largely invests in smaller listed companies, and up to 20% of large listed companies and some cash. In order to avoid concentrating too much, the fund will keep holding across at least 4 ASX’s 10 Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS).In

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