Project Report : Domain E Solution Services

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`PROJECT PROPOSAL DOMAIN HARDWARE General Information Project Name: DOMAIN E SOLUTION SERVICES Date Submitted: 16-NOV-2014 Project Manager: Ali Contact # 0424026492 Project check & Approve by: Mr. Jason Wells Executive General Manager for Retail Development Project Purpose At this moment Domain Hardware is managing their products detail database through centralized process in Head Office which is located in Melbourne, through this process company is operating their product database as for ordering, receiving, and reporting. Currently Domain Hardware has no access to check and balance of the recordings of the products sale from their touch…show more content…
 Project positively influence and enhance the retail chain’s revenue generation.  Most of the customer’s today use online social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and YouTube, this project connect the Domain Hardware to social software technology. Project Proposal  Project proposal determines the development of an Application to reveal the information of reference material relating to an item.  Reveal the list of information from the Application database coordinated with the scanned barcode regarding the specification within the database.  Project proposal helps the customer to view the information of the related reference material on the mobile device.  Project empower the customer to get the information of the product through mobile device, for this company has to install wireless internet access point in their overall store chains.  The wireless network helps the both internal (Staff) and external customers to access those within the Domain Hardware Application to connect with the local wireless network.  Currently the internet is available only for the access of head office database, some slightly changes of installation configure the wireless support in all stores of the company.  This mobile application can be serving in Android and I Phone as well.  Through this
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