Project Report : Gst / Peppl

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Project Summary As per the recent laws coal power plants have to reduce their carbon emissions or would have to face a closure in US. The client, GST/PEPPL, has developed a technology which can be installed to the coal power plants to reduce the carbon emissions well below the required emission levels. This technology not only helps to reduce the emissions but also produce byproducts such as carbon black, activated carbon and carbon credits that can be used by coal power plant as source of revenue when sold in the market. Although, technically the GST/PEPPL technology is the one of the best solution for current emission problem at present, however client wanted to understand how GST/PEPPL can show coal power plant companies the financial benefit of using this technology. This is when the client approached the UIOWA MBA consultant group to develop a flexible, free cash flow, forecast model that helps the end user (coal power plant) to determine if the GST/PEPPL technology would add value to the plant. We developed this model to help coal power plant determine the forecasted cash flow to shareholders via three financing option for technology. By evaluating these options: technology purchase, long-term lease, or coal markup agreement, as well as the sensitivity for these options, end user could determine if the technology is financially viable for them. Further, client also wanted to see if this technology is financially feasible without the sale of byproducts. The important

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