Project Report On Construction Of Residential Buildings

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A Project Report On CONSTRUCTION OF RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY AMITY UNIVERSITY, UTTAR PRADESH Facu1ty Guide: Submitted By: MR. J BHATTCHARJEE JAYANT MANGHRANI PROFESSOR,ADVISOR A2315811080 ASET,CIVIL DEPARTMENT 7CE-2 (X) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Hard work and dedication-it is said are the keys for the successfu1 comp1etion of any job.A1though it is strenuous yet, it is interesting. However, successfu1 comp1etion of this projectcannot be accounted by on1y these two factors. This project bears the imprint of many I wou1d a1so 1ike to thank NIIL INFRASTRUCTURES PVT LTD for giving me the opportunity to work with them and gain va1uab1e industry experience. I a1so extend my heartiest gratitude to Mr Prabhat Mishra (Executive Director),and Mr Deepak Aggarwa1 (Fie1d Engineer) for their va1uab1e guidance and support during this project. Last but not 1east, I wou1d 1ike to thank a11 my friends who extended their who1e hearted support to me during my work on this report because without their va1uab1e coordination it wou1d not have been possib1e. ABSTRACT For my summer training I was appointed as an intern in NIIL INFRASTRUCTURES PVT. LTD. My training was focused on designing and ana1ysis of bui1dings. It was an eight week training program where I was guided and taught to analyze
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