Project Report On Downtown Coffee House

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OVERVIEW Downtown Coffee House is pleased to submit this proposal for services to support Bunker Labs KC in achieving its goals for adding new products for the expansion of the overall business. This proposal will cover the estimated costs for everything from labeling to roasting also final packaging and delivery. It is our mission to proactively develop high standards and superior products in collaboration with our community to stay competitive in tomorrow 's world. “Coffee for cups and tables that matter.” The Objective The objective is to provide a cost competitive product and a sustainable process for a new form of income. We here at Downtown Coffee House are more than just coffee. We are about community and education. No matter the budget, we will work together to come up with and apply the solution. The Opportunity • We will roast! • We will label and package! • We handle grocery stores and set up invoicing! • We store the product up to final delivery! • We will distribute and get the product out there! The Cost • Cost per pound of green bean will range between $2.33 up to $4.55 per Lb. • There is a charge of $2.00 in addition in order to roast per pound. • On average you will pay $5.15 per pound roasted. • There is a cost of $0.75 cents for each finished packaged to be filled and labeled of whole bean. • The price for ground packaging is $0.93 per Package. • A one hundred and fifty bag minimum order is required. • Total value of one hundred and fifty

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