Project Report On Green Manufacturing

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Operational/ Production Management


Dr.David M. Lyth
On Aug 10 2016

Akshay Singh

In the past recent years, the depletion of the natural resources has become the area of major attention throughout the world. These resources include the fossil fuels, minerals, natural vegetation, animals, air, water, sunlight, soil, etc. The rate of its consumption is increasing day by day. This ultimately leads to the ceasing of the resources to the earth’s crust. The rising demand of these resources has led to a limited supply of these resources which has serious impacts to environmental damages like air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and the depletion of the ozone layer. Thus, there is an urgent need for mainly the industries to find an alternative approach to reduce its unwanted effect on the environment.
Manufacturing plays a very important role in an organization particularly to build competitive benefit and improve performance.Manufactures have been neglecting their social environmental responsibility and have focused too much on their profits. The minimization of waste and pollution producedcan be achieved by product and process designing. Green manufacturing is an emerging field as a solution taken by the industries in the recent years.
Green manufacturing can broadly be defined as the technology used in a manufacturing process that finds a smarter way to use the…
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