Project Report : The Three Gorges Dam

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Background As Sun Yat-Sen first proposed the possibility to build a large da in the Yangtze River in 1919 (Ponseti and Lopez-Pujol, 2006), after decades of debates and preparation, the Three Gorges Dam (TGP) was constructed in 1994 and finished in 2009 (Appendix 1). The cost of the project was increasing along the construction. By 2009, this project was estimated to be cost 20 billion. “Even then opponents claim that the budget is insufficient for resettlement, the saving of cultural sites and pollution control” (Sutton, 2004). Project or Program PMI defines a project as “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result” (PMI Program Standard, 2013). Typically, projects have defined duration and cost with a defined scope and set of performance criteria in place that set boundaries for the project effort (Letavec, 2006). So in most circumstances, a project manager is good enough to lead a project and accomplish the required work. However, in larger efforts which entail multiple related efforts, especially for infrastructure, several projects need to be managed under a single program. Considering the long years of completion and escalating cost, the Three Gorge Project is really can be regarded as a mage-project/program in nature when one rethink its complexity, numerous stakeholders and controversy of its consequences (Greiman, 2013). This project aims to alleviate flood happening along Yangtze River, generate power by water energy and transfer
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