Project Report of Luxury Retailing of Swatch & Tissot

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Executive Summary

This project intends to comparison of the stores of Swatch & Tissot watches. In the 1st stage of the project report the importance of branding in luxury retailing with specific reference to the watch I industry have discussed.
In the 2nd stage of the report the branding strategy of SWATCH & TISSOT watches on the basis of their Store Operations Management have discussed. The store design, display, assortment, ambience etc have discussed.
In the 3rd stage the comparison the profile of both brands’s target market have discussed.
In the 4th stage the description of the Individual brand’s values have given.
As per above study in the 5th stage the recommendation have given.
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Thus, young designers will seek to profit from the support of investors to finance their growth.
Branded watches have continuously been well-liked throughout the years and will still continue to be trendy in the years to come for the reason that after consumers buy into a brand, they reap countless benefits. With their knowledgeable purchasing routine, consumers continue to purchase in style brand watches for five important reasons.
1. The primary goal consumers get branded watches is that they are very dependable. This is of unique significance because they will know from their previous experience whether a brand is of quality or not. After the watch confirms reliability, the brand will be bought often times by loyal customers. As a result, the top quality brand watches will continually perform well.
2. The next cause boils down to a large extent of how the consumers regard the brand. There are many assorted brands available in the marketplace these days but consumers continue to obtain only a handful of the brands they trust and are familiar with. The reason for this is that when consumers decide to buy a new watch, they normally purchase a brand which they highly regard.
3. These fashionable brand watches are known to be tough and this is the third reason why consumers obtain branded watches. It is a considerable aspect to be aware of

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