Project Report on Axis Bank

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Project Report on Axis Bank


1) Objectives
2) Introduction
3) Retail Branch Operations
a) Account Opening
b) Fixed Deposits
c) Recurring Deposits
d) Cash
e) Cheque
f) Demand Drafts
g) Electronic Fund Transfer
h) Franking
i) E Tax Payments
j) Forex Operations
4) Suggestions and Recommendations
5) Conclusion
6) References

The objectives of the project are:
1) To observe the various product and service offering under retail banking and the other day to day branch operation activities.
2) To observe customer query handling so as to ensure customer satisfaction.
3) To observe and analyse any shortcomings in the branch operations and suggest areas for
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Retail Banking


Treasury is responsible for the maintenance of the statutory requirements such as the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR), Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) and the investment of such funds. It also manages the assets and liabilities of the bank.

Capital Markets

Axis Bank is a registered Merchant Banker. The services offered are: 1. Issue Management: The bank advises clients on designing its capital structure, instruments offered to the public, pricing such instruments, meeting regulations and finally assisting the company in marketing the issue. 2. Debenture Trustees: The role of the debenture trustee is to safeguard the interest of the debenture holder by creating a security in their favour and monitoring the security. 3. Investments: Managing the non-SLR investments of a bank. 4. Depository Services: Capital market related services: The bank is a clearing bank for the BSE/ NSE/ OTCEI, acting as intermediaries in the flow of funds from the accounts to broker accounts.
Financial Advisory Services

All branches have a dedicated Financial Advisory Desk, wherein the mutual fund schemes are marketed. The objective is to provide consumers with a larger portfolio of investment avenues thereby enhancing customer relationship. 1. Banking Corporate & Institutional 2. Business Current Accounts 3. Correspondent Banking 4. Cash Management Services
Retail Banking
Retail banking is one of the key departments in
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