Project Report on Nabil Bank

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A Project onNABIL Bank Ltd.Kamaladi
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 Kiran Lama
T.U. Reg. No. 7-2-355-33-2005Exam Roll No:7220009A Field Work ReportSubmitted to:Orient CollegeMaharajgunj, Chakrapath
 In the partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Bachelor of Business studies

Faculty of Management Studies
This is to certify that the field work assignment report is
Submitted by:
Kiran Lama
Reg. No.:- 7-2-355-33-2005
Symbol No.:- 7220009
A project on NABIL Bank Ltd. Kamaladi
Has been prepared and approved by this department. This field work assignment report is forwarded for examination.


This Report has been prepared as a prerequisite for the completion of the Bachelor
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Kinley ÔÇ£A bank is an established which makes to individuals such advances of money as may be required safer made and to which individuals entrust money when not required for use.ÔÇØAccording to Harace White:ÔÇ£Bank is a manufactures of credit and machine for facilitating exchangesÔÇØ According to Dr. H.L. Hart ÔÇ£A bank is one who in the ordinary course of his business receives money which he repays by honoring Cheques of persons from whom or on hose account lie received it. According to G. Growther:- ÔÇ£A Bank is a dealer in debt in his own and other people are the bankers business is them to take the debt of other people to otter his own in exchange and thereby to credit money. Therefore the bank is an institution which accepts deposits from the public and, it turn advances loan by crediting bank plays the ital role in the economical condition too and creates money administer the payment system interest rates and intermediate between the saving and investment.

History of Bank in Nepal
The modern banking practices are recent origin our country historical evidences show the presence of some crude banking practices in the earlier period of time. The contributors to the respective time ate considered to be King Guna Kam Dev a sudra merchant Shankhadhar┬áthe business group. "Tankadharies" of Kantipur and also Tejarath a government financial Institution established…