Project Report on: Strategic Planning, Financing and Implementing a Preliminary Implemantation

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| ECI PROJECT PLAN2014-15 | bcorp | [Date] | [Course title] | |

| ECI PROJECT PLAN2014-15 | bcorp | [Date] | [Course title] | |


With this project report we are explaining about the project strategic plan, analysis, appraisal, finance and preliminary implementation for initial 03 years. Also, we will study all phases of project like - project planning, project analysis, project initiation, project implementation, and project result. Every stage is vital to make a project success. The major areas of the project reports are defined below:
Project planning and analysis: 1.
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Cost Benefit Analysis :
The Cost benefit Analysis will be the most key feature to look upon in this aspect of any project plan , the Cost of the project plan to be implemented that will be implemented to work on the Benefit to the organization should be decided , so this plan come to a full profit in the near future. One would first think of the tangible costs that are easily to determine and estimate, such as hardware and software cost, or labor cost.
Below are some terms which are used in Economic feasibility study for the projet to be passed. I. Net Present Value (NPV) II. Internal Rate of Return (IRR) III. Profitability Index (PI) IV. Net operating benefits per unit of investment method

Here are some key points that can be looked upon. 1. ECI wants to reduce salaries of two low level assistance position to offer a savings of
$70K. ECI can invest that cost of attaining another mechanic, or to gather another
Employee or a car mechanic, to lower down the load and fast processing of the car

2. ECI will also have to gather a new position of System admin to look over the IT parts and ERP parts of the ECI system, so it can also utilize the cost of $70 K to have a system admin so to look after the Systems of ECI. This will be a profitable invest as part of ECI.

3. For more customer service fast and effective mechanics are also required for maintenance and service. As seen ECI has 7 car mechanics

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