Project Risk Leadership

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Environmental Quality International in SIWA BUS 519 – Project Risk Leadership Analyze and describe the founding leader(s), leadership style, and major business principles of a profit-oriented entrepreneurial approach in which the primary goal is to provide a product or service to consumers and to make a profit. The following leaders , Larry Page, Sergey Brin (Google), Thomas Edison (Light Bub), Vicor Kiam (Remington Electric Shavers), Peter Drucker (Management Thinking), Blake Mycoskie (TOMS) and Anita Roddick (The Body Shop). The leaders all had a similar leadership style; they looked for innovative ideas and customer needs and invested their own money along with securing funds from investors. They had a…show more content…
People were concerned with the possibility of getting shocked and or electrocuted. Today children learn about Edison in school and can only imagine life without electricity. Blake Mycoskie is the founder of TOMS shoes, he is described as an authentic leader. He focused his success on building a culture where employees feel valued, he coached and mentored his employees to bring about self-worth and build their confidence. Blake Mycoskie’s goal is to be engaged with a shared purpose and create value in others. Determine the approach and leadership style with which you most identify and explain your reasons for your choice. I feel I resonate more with the Authentic Leader, reason it comes natural for me to encourage others, and motivate them and allow them to feel they have the ability to do better and succeed in adverse situations. I stress making mistakes at work or in life decisions are part of the process of developing to greatness. I am not a natural born leader rather I am evolving each day and also taking the advice I give to others and appreciate the not so good choices as the building blocks to the process. I am comfortable in seeing a need in an areas that can improve and coaching a team to tackle the task to completion. I am totally open to feedback as constructive criticism and improve upon them. Determine what three resources or tools available

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