Project Risk Scope And Project Risks

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SECTION 1C - IDENTIFY AND DISCUSS PROJECT RISK SCOPE AND PROJECT RISK SCHEDULE Sustainable Store Project INDITEX cares about the importance of brand image to consumers, especially nowadays in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility. The Spanish government is funding companies’ efforts to become more sustainable as well. To achieve the goal, INDITEX is developing a Strategic Environmental Plan 2015-2018, which includes Sustainable Store Project. The project has involved developing criteria for sustainability and the efficient use of energy in retail outlets, through three main strategies: • Eco-efficient store model: INDITEX, in conjunction with the University of Vigo, is designing an ecological energy management model…show more content…
The added specifications or activities are overlooked until late in the project. Probability: 30% Impact: 30% Cost: $200,000 Description: overlooked requirements • Scope dependencies: inputs or other needs of the project not anticipated at the start of a project in common situation Probability: 20% Impact: 70% Cost: $350,000 Description: quickly changes in the infrastructure • Hardware defect: functional failures related to quality Probability: 40% Impact: 30% Cost: $300,000 Description: require too much power • Software defect: functional failures related to quality Probability: 35% Impact: 30% Cost: $250,000 Description: unable to work in unusual circumstances Project Scope Risk Register: Project Scope Risk Matrix: Project Schedule Risk Matrix Format: The common sources of scope risks can be Scope creep: well-intentioned attempts by some part of the project team to "improve" the deliverable; unanticipated additional investment of time and money; shift in the specifications and specifications above or beyond the stated project objective that were added as the project ran. Gaps: overlooked requirements; required for the project objective that went unrecognized until late in the project; customers, managers, team members, or other project stakeholders were not available at the start of the project, so the work required was not visible and incomplete analysis. Scope dependencies: requirements and other factors external to the project may
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