Project Schedule Change

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Project schedule change The deadline for the completion of the project remains unchanged 4 months, but the challenge is raised by the fact that the deliverables of the project completion have changed. Specifically, the following two issues have aroused to generate new complexities: The permits have been delayed with one additional week, meaning that they would not be completed within two weeks, but within three The framing and drywall contractors are running late on other projects and would only be able to send part of their team to assist with the completion of the current project. This virtually means that the time allocated to them would double. In such a setting, the project has to be rethought so that it is best completed within the initial delivery time, but with consideration to the new challenges. At a more specific level, the time allocated to drywall and framing would be doubled. With this objective in mind, the proposed schedule is as follows: Obtaining the project permits three weeks five working days per week, for a total of 15 working days Purchasing all necessary materials 4 working days Plumbing and electrical handlings one week 5 working days Roofing and exterior works, including the exterior walls one and a half weeks 8 working days Windows and exterior doors handling 3 working days Finishing the walls and the floors one week 5 working days Framing, insulation and drywall two working weeks for a total of 10 working days Bathroom and
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