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Marchewka Chapter 3, Question 25: “What is a project’s scope?” Project scope is the first step of the process definition process and it sets the stage for developing a project plan. According to Gray and Larson (2008) “project scope is a definition of the end result or mission of the project which primarily purpose is to define the deliverable to the end user and to focus project plans.” Scope refers to all the work and processes involved in the creation of the project. And provides a view of what is expected to be delivered with the project. The experience of many project managers and researchers has demonstrated that a poor defined project scope represents an obstacle for the project success and it represent approximately 50% of the…show more content…
Project objective- this is the first step of project scope definition and its role is to define the overall objective to meet customer needs.” (Gray & Larson, 2008) 2. Deliverables- what are the expected during the different stages or phases of the project until it is completed. 3. Milestones- important stages of the project that are completed. Milestone can be used to determine the status of the project during a specific point of its life. 4. Technical requirements- all the required technical information and equipment needed to complete the project. 5. Limits and exclusions- according tho Gray & Larson (2008) “the limits of the scope should be defined. Failure to do so can lead to false expectations and to expanding resources and time on the wrong problem.” 6. Reviews with customer- the last step in the scope checklist is the conduction of internal and external reviews with the customer. This step defines if all the expectations were met during the life of the project and verify if the customer is satisfied with the project delivery. The scope definition should a short but complete. According to Gray and Larson (2008) different industries and companies with develop unique checklists and templates to fit their specific needs” Scope creep occurs to many projects according to Gray & Larson (2008), scope creep is the tendency for the project to expand over time, usually by

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