Project Scope Management Implementation Management Essay

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Project Scope Management It is defined as all the steps that are required to be taken for project functioning; it includes all the steps required for successful completion of project. Project scope management has main six processes. • Plan scope Management • Collect requirements . • Defining of the scope It is a process of creating and documenting a detailed description of the project undertaken. • Creating a work breakdown structure It is the process of distributing the whole project into several milestones and each milestone has its own deliverable; it is done for easier management of project. • Validation of scope It is the process where all the major parties involved i.e. client, design management formally agrees and finalizes the project scope and deliverables before starting of project so as to remove ambiguity. • Controlling of scope It is the method of checking the status of project and its deliverables for any deviation into previously agreed scope; also it includes any change in project scope bottom line. 1. Plan scope management It is the process of creating a scope management plan for the project and creating document on scope definition, validation and controlling. The usefulness of this step is that gives direction and guidance on how project will be managed. It has three major process namely input, tools and technique and output.. 1.1 INPUT 1.1.1 Project management plan It is a document that describes how a

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