Project Scope Of Earned Value Management

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Earned Value Management started back in the early sixties when the Air force started using the program. In recent years, the program has become a part of the federal project risk management system and is mandatory tool used for US government contracts. Earned Value Management helps to analyze many parts of a project such as the cost variance, schedule variance, cost performance, and schedule performance. Earned Value management measures the performance of a project by finding variances between the works being completed. This paper will discuss how project scope relates to Earned Value Management.
Scope of the Project
Project scope is the most important part of the planning process of any project. Early in the planning process, one has to identify and choose project team members. In order for the project to be successful, the project team members have to understand what their jobs are and what it is they have to do. Another important step in the project planning process is to understand and identifying the project stakeholders. The project stakeholders are the customers, sponsors, and other organizations who are actively involved in the project and whose interest may affect or have influence on the project.
The project scope planning process ensures that all the necessary steps have been identified and applied appropriately. The management team is responsible for clarifying and setting the tone for the success of the project. After a process of facilitated elaborating and…

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