Project Scope Of Project Management

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The scope of a project is one of the most fundamental aspect of the planning development. In broad descriptions, it entails the objectives and requirements of the product. This concept is best defined in a document called Project Scope Statement. Project managers around the world have been successfully using this technique to provide an overall picture of the project. It is important to outline its usefulness in the project management business as it is a big factor of project success. The following essay will highlight the importance of creating a preliminary scope statement and briefly describe its processes and contents.

TOPIC 1 – What is a Preliminary Scope Statement? What is its importance?

Project Scope Management is the systematic organization of all the tasks to be accomplished in a certain project and it controls how project scope will be implemented throughout the stakeholders & project team. The scope statement acts as the core part of Project Scope Management and is one of the first to be completed in the planning process. According to the PMBOK Guide, a project scope statement is

“The narrative description of the project scope, including major deliverables, project objectives, project assumptions, project constraints and statement of work, that provides a documented basis for making future project decisions and for confirming or developing a common understanding of project scope among the stake holders” (PMBOK Guide 2004, p. 370)

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