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Project Selection
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Project Selection
The Project Management Office (PMO) task, per our company’s vice-president Wendell Deirelein, is to review Piper Industries Corporation’s upcoming project selection candidates to determine the best way forward for their production of the widget. In response to your request to evaluate the three projects, Juniper, Palomino, and Stargazer, we have developed the opinion that Juniper is the most beneficial project to undertake, in both monetary and reputational returns.
Recommendation Reasoning
We are performing the first “Initiate” step of the project process by identifying the stakeholders and naming and defining the projects at a broad
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Although the Stargazer project has not been clearly defined, and parts of the process have yet to be identified, our company does have a history of innovation and we have a template of the plan we need to follow to produce a new widget that everyone in the market needs, and no one has yet.
Monitoring & Control
Measuring the project performance and progression against the project management plan begins with this “Monitoring and Control” phase of the project. With the easier projects that have been well defined and previously implemented this is a fairly simple phase, but as the number of changes increases, so too does the probability of the instances of “scope creep” (Pathak, 2014). This become a primary concern and focal point when considering the Stargazer project because of customer or even employee request that add work or cost to the project, but adds no value to the final product. Often we think of the plan as merely a starting point for deviation, but that merely illuminates incompetency or gaps in the planning process. If the company started with the effective template of the plan that has allowed product superiority for so many years, integrating new ideas and processes into the plan involves less risk and should garner the new and
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