Project Shakti : Case Study

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Unilever in India: Hindustan Lever’s Project Shakti-Marketing FMCG to the rural Consumer Case Analysis Notes Section E, Group 7 Submitted By Anshu Khanna PGP/17/257 Diksha Singh PGP/17/267 Mohd. Shajeer PGP/17/277 Priya Chandak PGP/17/287 Shiji Thilak PGP/17/297 Q1q Q1)How is HUL placed in the Indian Consumer market? Hindustan Unilever Limited is the biggest player in the market share of FMCG sector of the country. The FMCG sector of the country is the fourth largest sector of the economy with a size 13.1 billion USD. It is being positioned in the market as brand adding “Vitality to Life”. It sought for market leadership in a wide range of product categories and also across a broad spectrum of price points in each category.…show more content…
While the project “Shakti” in itself has a widespread message of women empowerment, these other initiatives focus on the betterment of the rural life on health and internet connectivity fronts. 4. Brand building * The Project Shakti does not only provide for creating market but on a broader horizon it creates a brand value for the rural customers who can be difficult to lure by other entertaining advertisement campaigns. The Project Shakti will not be just a source of awareness for this market but the way it has been progressing, it can be imbibed as a part of consumer’s life itself. In such a case the value which the HLL brand will connote will be beyond regular supply of quality products at lower prices. This value will be hard to earn for any other customer and will position the brand as harbinger of development in such rural areas. 5. Communication Channel * The rural market has poor connectivity in terms of supply chain. Project Shakti can be an efficient way to overcome this barrier to rural market. In terms of communicating the brand value, Project Shakti goes beyond the barriers of illiteracy and lack of media. There can be no better way than one-to-one endorsement which can be the key influencer and can impact category, brand awareness as well as usage. With the Project Shakti, HLL will not only be able to enjoy the first mover advantage in a market which has a huge potential, but also create greater brand value which
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