Project Success Factors

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The research on project management has been studied for decades. Many scholars and managers put great efforts into finding out what can influence project success. Through their continuing work and precious experiences, what factors dominate the success of projects is well documented in literature. The use of these guide texts can help project managers to deal with difficult tasks. Moreover, it is unanimous consensus that project critical success factors are necessary for management team to achieve project objectives and ensure success. If they are well considered and addressed, then it is more likely that a project would have more successful outcomes. On the other hand, if these factors are not rigorously taken into account,
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In this case, the increase of cost can be slightly overlooked.

Measuring the success of project management has many success criteria. Atkinson states that the early definition of project management success is mainly determined by achieving “The Iron Triangle” including cost, time and quality, which used by Oisen from the 1950’ and continue to be used today (Atkinson, as cited in Oisen, 2009). Atkinson also mentions that using “The Iron Triangle” to measure the success of project management as a discipline has not changed in almost 50 years. Even if project managements meet the success criteria, cost, time and quality, there are many projects continue to be failed. The author suggests using the “Square Route” instead of the “Iron Triangle”. That is because the “Iron Triangle” only takes the limited measurement into consideration but ignores the effects on the stakeholders. This means a successful project has to balance the benefits of organizations and the satisfaction of stakeholders. As suggested in the “Square Route”, different groups of people who can receive benefits from the projects are engaged in the measurement of success (Atkinson, 2009).

Why project critical success factors often ignored in practice?
What factors can influence project success is ubiquitously documented in literatures. However, when using it, one may find out it is
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