Project Success : Project Management

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Introduction The task of ensuring project success by project managers can be very challenging due to different opinions of what constitutes project success. For a project manager to ensure project success is achieved the project manager needs to have clear understandings and the criteria for project success and also able to detect some key critical success factors that is needed for his/her project. This essay however aims to understand how a project manager might help ensure success is achieved in his or her project. This essay initially briefs about what project success constitutes and the analysis of key success factors to project success; it finally concludes by What is project success? There have been so many arguments by many authors concerning the criteria for judging project success. According to Wit (1988) the appropriate criteria to identify the success of a project is to measure the project with its objectives. There are also other traditional parameters which suggest project is successful if it finishes on time, according to specified performance and within budget (Akinson 1999 cites Oilsen 1971). But Prabhakar (2008) argues that schedule, budget and performance alone are inadequate for measuring project success. Lock (2013) also notes that the traditional parameters which are time, performance and cost relate mainly to the execution or fulfilment stage of the project. He further agues that a project can only be considered successful if it satisfies all
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