Project Summary : Beaver Creek

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Project Summary Beaver Creek leads directly into the Delaware River where it becomes drinking water for much of Philadelphia. Philadelphia has been categorized with a higher number of waterborne illnesses then other cities. I plan to test the bacteria found in the water after installing a filter sock (FS) to the drainage system. Previous studies have shown the Filter sock to be successful in a laboratory setting. Beaver Creek is also plagued with invasive species which could be poorly affecting its environment by stunting the growth of native organisms. Invasive plants provide little to no nutrients to other animals most of the time but are able to out compete native species for land space. We have specifically identified the…show more content…
This should hopefully increase the amount of wildlife found in the water as well as decrease the amount of bacteria found. Introduction Preliminary Data A group of future biologists and I ventured through Beaver Creek and wrote down observations. We had found that the bank of the creek was eroded. We found invasive species such as Persicaria Longiseta and the English Ivy. We observed a lack of animal activity besides numerous mosquitoes and one salamander. In a section of the water there was a large amount of oil changing that section orange. The runoff system seemed obsolete and all the storm water from the parking lots would drain directly into Beaver Creek. We took a water sample two weeks later. Our water sample was slightly biased because we had taken it in a different location then where the obsolete design occurred. Water temperature was 16 C⁰. We did not find a significant threat or dangerous chemical levels of Nitrate, Nitrite, pH, Alkalinity, and chlorine. We did find our water hardness to be high. The area did test positive for having bacteria like Ecoli, Salmonella, Shigella, Enterobacter, Kliebsiella, other Coliform and non-coliform bacteria. The area also tested positive for pesticides atrazine and simazine. Background Beaver Creek is an extension to the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford creek. Beaver Creek is located directly next to Arcadia University which is found in Montgomery
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