Project Task and Risk Plan

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Task and Risk Plan Plan Move With Warehouse Manager New Facility Old Facility New Facility Install RFID Equipment Palletize goods Assemble racks Plan Layout Count inventory Place equipment according to layout Ensure Licensure Shrink wrap goods Place racking according to layout plan Ensure Code Requirements are met Place goods for moving Place goods on racking Inform vendors Break down racking Place RFID tags Move racking to new facility Count inventory Move goods to new facility This project is a multibillion dollar warehousing and distribution company that will move the warehouse to a state of the art facility over a two day transition period. The first high-level task is the planning of the transition. This will include the planning of moving the large equipment, third party lease equipment, including forklifts, racking, and the layout of the new warehouse facility. The layout will be planned with the warehouse manager to also include the RFID equipment being installed when the equipment is being moved to the new location. It would also require working with contractors who are still working on the completion of the building to ensure that the moving of inventory and the completion of the building can be done in a smooth manner and not disrupt one or the other. The goods would need to be palletized and shrink wrapped for a smooth transition to the new warehouse and to decrease the risk of damage to inventory items. It is a good idea to
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